Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Annapolis

12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Annapolis, MD 2022

Annapolis is a thriving bayside town that sits in the heart of Chesapeake bay. It’s a pristine little American city that warrants more praise than it gets and not just for its incredibly rich history as a port-town. No, Annapolis has delved into the seafood industry headfirst and come out victorious, hosting some of the … Read more

Baltimore Maryland

20 Best Baltimore Seafood Restaurants (2022 Update)

Baltimore is famous for its crab cakes and crab selections. In fact, Baltimore farms approximately half of the United State’s entire blue crab crop. The town comprises many tourist attractions, from art culture to unmatched museums and world-renowned sports teams. The spectacular waterfront views in Baltimore are some of the richest containing extensive histories and … Read more